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Cindy Sasha is a photographer, filmmaker, and creative producer who has worked directly with award-winning artists, with over two decades of experience in the music, film and fashion industry. Cindy enjoys documenting and storytelling through both still and moving images, that challenges the status quo and resonate with diverse audiences.

Cindy Sasha's journey began in a working-class immigrant community in the heart of London. From a very young age Cindy was obsessed with books, movies, and music which was a way to escape into another world. At the age of 15, she stole her mother's camera and documented her mates bunking off from school, that she first discovered her passion for photography. Self-taught, she alternated between sneaking behind the curtains at fashion shows to producing high-profile portraits and contributing to commercial projects. 


As a photographer, Cindy specialises in portrait and documentary, bringing out the unique essence of each subject she works with. Her work has been featured in exhibitions and publications.

In the realm of filmmaking, Cindy has produced a variety of independent short films and most recently directed a short film. Whether she is behind the lens, on set, or in the editing suite her ability to understand storytelling are evident in every project.


As a creative producer, Cindy excels at bringing together the right talent and resources to realise ambitious projects. Her collaborative approach and innovative thinking have led to successful events and productions.

Community Commitments


In 2020, Cindy Sasha established Hear Art, a community interest collective. This led to venturing into filmmaking with a purpose. She collaborated with the Academy Award-winning Slick films, crafting narratives specifically for the deaf and hearing community. This significant initiative not only showcased Sasha's commitment to inclusive storytelling but also garnered recognition in the form of a British Short Film Award in 2022.

In addition to her work in the film industry, Cindy extended her impact into education and community engagement. She founded Shine Camera Club, an initiative designed to teach photography to children from low socio-economic backgrounds. Through this venture, Sasha not only imparted valuable skills but also empowered young minds to express themselves.

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